Read the latest Cherokee Flexibles Scrubs

Cherokee Flexibles

There are lots of new Cherokee Flexibles scrubs out for Summer 2012! From new prints and solid colors, to completely new body styles. Cherokee is committed to expanding and continuing to innovate using this great product featuring spandex side panels to help you to freely move, bend and twist in comfort.

Now with the Pro Flexibles line, those of you with restricted dress codes can buy Flexibles that have side panels matching the very best color making these compliant for everybody who is needed to wear just one single solid color.

One other popular addition is the Flexibles warm-up jacket with zipper front and the same spandex side panels you've got come to love.

The new 2983 body style has the side panels tapered directly into offer an even slimmer look. These are created for those body sizes, and it is a tremendously slimming products. You can find all flexibles in sizes approximately 5XL, plus many solids.

Cherokee Flexibles

Watch our new video to determine the highlights of the season's new Flexibles prints and solids.

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